Insulation & Siding Experts

We at Citadel Exteriors offer experienced, professional insulation and siding installation to help make your home more energy efficient and beautiful.

P2000 Insulation
An insulating material with a dense, flexible, waterproof and mould-resistant core, P2000 may be installed directly on interior or exterior walls, ceilings, and under new insulation. This product forms a continuous and solid barrier, eliminating draughts and blocking out heat, cold and moisture to maintain a stable interior temperature.

We offer vinyl siding for a long-lasting and maintenance-free exterior finish. Vinyl is more cost effective than aluminium or wood, it requires no maintenance, and it comes in a wide selection of colours and textures.

EasyRock is setting a new industry standard with decorative stone products made of lightweight synthetic materials with a look so authentic even the stone mason is fooled. EasyRock products weigh less than 1 pound per square foot making the product easy to handle and the perfect solution for any project.

Some Examples:

Distressed Marble
Our precision-crafted marble façade delivers a look previously acquired only by the wealthy.

Canterra Stone
Each hand-carved piece of stone is duplicated to perfection, producing a high-price appearance.

Every stone pattern is hand picked to have the finished result of a highest-quality application.

Our products are maintenance free – no painting required!